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Do you need to install a potentiometer on your forks? Our mounts are easy to install and can be removed for suspension service or to be switched to another bike and leave no permanent damage to forks or crowns. They also work in conjunction with our brake line mounts. 


Please see list of mounts for your bike and reach out to us if you need something that is not available.


All kits include M4 shoulder bolts and washers for eyelet mounting. 


Threads in mounts are M4 to work with bolts or ball mounts. 


Lower mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized bronze or wrap around mounts are 3D printed for flexibility. 


Ninja 400 Lower Mount: Fits to lower fork leg


Yamaha Wheel Speed Mount: Bolts to wheel speed wire mount on many Yamaha models (Aluminum)


Fender Tab Mount: Bolts to the fender mount and can be used with or without fender. This will fit many bikes with a fender tab on the fork foot. (Aluminum)  


ZX10-GSXR1000R Lower: Fits to fuild reservior at fork foot.


Universal Radial Caliper Mount: Mounts to radial caliper under bolt and has two mounting holes to accomidate many bike setups.




Designed, made and tested in the USA. All motorcycle parts have a replacement guarantee. If you break one of our parts in normal use, we will replace. Click here for details.


Please be aware that all parts are 3D printed and have visible texture from printing process.


For any AIM data products needed, follow the link here or below to UniCal Racing.

Lower Potentiometer Mounts

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